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Card Jitsu Water

Hey there everyone! There have been some great developments in NewCP over the past few days! Here is a summary- Card Jitsu Water- Card Jitsu Water has released on NewCP! It is in beta, so there will be bugs and lag, we have to be patient with that! The following things have been added relatedContinue reading “Card Jitsu Water”

Sahij leaves NewCP

Hey everyone, hope you all are having a good day. So today, Sahij, one of the co-owners and administrators of NewCP officially left the staff team, as he had to manage his personal life and work. He has given full ownership of NewCP to Jonas now. This news sure is pretty sad, considering it wasContinue reading “Sahij leaves NewCP”

NewCP- Puffer Fish Pin

Hey everyone! A new pin has been released in NewCP today! It is the Puffer Fish Pin, and can be obtained from the Iceberg! Keep reading to know it’s exact location- I will be sure to keep you updated about more news regarding NewCP, until then, stay safe! Waddle On! -Ferdthebird1

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